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Executive Briefing | January 9, 2024

Four Pressures Shaping Health Plans in 2024

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Health plans are confronting significant pressure to their financial sustainability, including rising costs, new regulations, and increased competition. Rising medical costs remains an ongoing challenge, with medical expenses outpacing projections in 2023 driven by factors such as post-COVID demand, network…

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Executive Briefing | February 2, 2023

Health Plan Outlook for 2023: Market Trends Become Mainstream

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In the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated our attention, disrupting traditional healthcare delivery and access. During this time, member access to care was largely focused on adapting and responding to the pandemic. Now that the industry has largely reached stabilization…

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Article | January 6, 2022

2022 Outlook: Plethora of ‘Granular’ Changes Will Drive MAOs’ Stars Strategy


Reprinted with AIS Health permission from the January 6, 2022, issue of RADAR on Medicare Advantage With continued emphasis on member experience, several new Part C measures and a directional shift to closing health care inequities, 2022 stands to be…

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Executive Briefing | January 13, 2022

Health Plan Success Drivers in 2022 (A Renewed Focus on Performance and Execution)

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Every January, we provide our perspective on areas of increasing importance and value for health plans for the upcoming year. Our prospective view of 2021 focused on the need for health plans to strike a balance between innovation and investment…

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