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Primary care vs. chronic care

What’s the difference? Can they co-exist?

The primary care physician has long been the cornerstone of the American medical system. PCPs have done yeoman’s work to keep hundreds of millions of Americans healthy, but after two centuries, that model is showing age and maybe it’s time we explore ways to supplement that care? There’s no replacement for PCPs, of course, but virtual chronic care — when coupled with primary care — can deliver better outcomes from chronic physical and mental health conditions by providing the kind of continuous, longitudinal care that enables the behavior changes that PCPs hope to see in their patients.

Check out this panel to learn:

  • How virtual chronic care solutions can help evolve the way we deliver primary care
  • Emerging innovations & disruption in dental
  • Why coupling virtual chronic care and primary care can deliver the most sustainable patient outcomes
  • How this combination can drive better value across health plans and commercial populations









We were thrilled to participate with Jessica DaMassa (Executive Producer & Host, WTF Health – What’s the Future, Health?) as the moderator and the following esteemed panelists:

  • Tej Shah, Managing Director (HealthScape Advisors)
  • Dr. Brad Younggren, President and Chief Medical Officer (98point6)
  • Gretchen Zimmerman, RD, CDCES, Head of Cardiometabolic Care, Vida Health
  • Dr. Patrick Carroll, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Vida Health