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Q&A Series

Health Plan Outlook for 2023: Market Trends Become Mainstream

There is no shortage of challenges and opportunities for health plans in their strategic planning efforts. Earlier this year, we released our Executive Brief, Health Plan Outlook for 2023: Market Trends Become Mainstream to summarize our thoughts on the five most critical trends that may meaningfully impact healthcare, and most notably, health plan strategy and operations While all of the topics we mention are years in the making, they have emerged as mainstream trends requiring health plan action and attention.

In this video series, our Managing Directors, Alexis Levy, Nate Akers and Tej Shah answer some questions beyond the written text and provide our perspective on each trend.


Trend 1: Non-traditional Players Deploy “Stop at Nothing” Disruption Approach



Trend 2: Expansive Adoption of Digital Health Technology and Therapeutics



Trend 3: Operationalization and Realization of Health Equity



Trend 4: Greater Push to Bring Care Closer To The Home


Trend 5: Uptick in Personalized Medicine