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Our Analytics Offerings

HealthScape Analytics supports clients across the healthcare ecosystem in solving their most pressing business problems by leveraging a robust technical toolkit coupled with strategic healthcare knowledge.

The healthcare industry is complex and organizations continue to face challenges requiring a data and analytics-driven approach to resolution. HealthScape Analytics is devoted to helping solve problems through a diverse set of industry experience and advanced analytical capabilities to create and deliver data-driven insights.

Medical Cost Reduction Analytics

Estimating Cost Savings through Clinical Enhancement Opportunities

Most healthcare organizations have opportunities to improve performance related to health outcomes and medical spend. Through a standardized and structured approach, these opportunities can be identified by various algorithms and methodologies, meant to identify preventable admissions, reduce readmission rates, and redirect preventable emergency department utilization. In collaboration with client leadership, our team will work to outline an approach to best capture identified savings opportunities through clinical intervention strategies, value-based arrangements, or performance monitoring and dashboarding.

Selected Outcomes:

Value Proposition Analytics

Supplement Value Propositions with Quantifiable Support

Large employer groups continue to look for ways to increase the overall health of their employees as well as reduce associated medical spend. Through investigative analytics, HealthScape Analytics can identify the most impactful features of a fully integrated, self-insured plan through review of health outcomes, care program participation, and medical spend. Insights can be translated into marketing materials to emphasize the attractive features of the integrated product and entice self-insured groups to add on additional benefits, such as pharmacy and mental health offerings.

Selected Outcomes:

Sales Optimization Analytics

Optimize Distribution Channels to Drive Efficient Growth

A robust and feasible distribution strategy is an imperative precursor to growth for any health plan. However, with the variety of distribution channels and broker types, it can be challenging to identify which channels yield the greatest returns. By identifying and calculating metrics such as customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and sales channel capacity, HealthScape Analytics can find the optimal balance of investment between channels using advanced modeling techniques. From there, your organization will be positioned to receive the greatest return on investment among your various distribution channels.

Selected Outcomes:

Market Entry Analytics

Disrupt the Norm with Market Entry Analytical Insights

Whether it is entering a new market or deploying a new product, there are a host of factors that require careful consideration. As a disruptor in a new market, organizations must think outside the box on how to position themselves to gain a competitive advantage on incumbents. From competitive market analysis to network structuring to pricing and benefit strategy review, HealthScape Analytics can arm clients with the right information to make the most effective decisions for their organization.

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