Mergers and acquisitions

We support clients through all stages of the transaction lifecycle.

Strategic, Financial, and Operational Due Diligence

Buy and Sell Side Advisory Management

Joint Venture Development

Post-Merger Integration Planning and Execution

  • Leveraged deep healthcare industry expertise to perform strategic, operational and financial due diligence on behalf of various Private Equity firms under compressed timeframes

  • Advised and supported health plan through the sale of their subsidiary –  including initial strategic evaluation, management of the deal process, development of the deal structure, facilitation of due diligence and negotiation, and development of the transition services agreement

  • Supported health plan to assess entry opportunities into the Medicaid market, identify an appropriate entry strategy, structure a deal, and eventually develop and implement a Joint Venture arrangement with a Medicaid plan

  • Served as the primary business lead for a client in a non-exclusive bidding process to acquire a health company

  • Performed post close operational due diligence, planning and integration execution of a large health plan serving customers in the commercial and government markets

Client Need

HealthScape was engaged to conduct due diligence on an acquisition target and subsequently conduct post acquisition integration support. 

HealthScape Approach

Synergy Identification and Operational Diligence

  • Provided client with operational diligence, including identification of revenue growth synergies and administrative cost efficiencies, evaluation of leadership talent, assessment of client retention, and competitive market positioning.
  • Performed a cost of care analysis of the target and synergies with the client to identify provider network overlap, compare unit costs, and provide strategic pricing improvement opportunities.
  • Identified opportunities to modify the existing inter-company service agreements to match current market pricing and align to management and financial objectives.

Post Acquisition Integration

  • Evaluated the operations of both the buyer and target to develop the future state operating model and integration roadmap, including appropriate integration governance, communication approach and prioritization criteria across all functions.
  • Identified future revenue opportunities for a newly combined organization, including the steps that should be taken to capture the opportunities.


  • Executed purchase agreement and provided client with post integration synergy capture plan, regulatory plan, future state IT plan, provider network integration strategic plan, and sales/client account management plan.


Consolidation: Building an "Unbreachable Moat"

The recent flurry of carrier mergers highlights the speed with which the market landscape can change.  Regardless of specific business segments within the healthcare industry, every CEO is faced with having to tease out the implications of these substantive changesand focus both resources and mindshare on how to compete and win in local markets.

Consolidation has added to market complexity, but in some respects, these mergers produce real opportunities, particularly during the evaluation and transitional phase of such large and complicated mergers.

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