Campus hires

You’ve accomplished a great deal. You’ve seen those college years fly by in a flash. You’ve explored that age-old question of “What do I want to be when I grow up.” You’ve learned what you want in your first career move (and perhaps, what you don’t want). You’ve surmised that a career in consulting can open many doors down the road. You’ve decided that the healthcare industry could not possibly be more relevant and stimulating than it is right now. Maybe you’ve decided that HealthScape Advisors is the right place for you.

You may be right. Our boutique consulting firm approach to solving our clients’ problems includes both strategic solutions, like helping our clients grow their business or evaluate the need to change direction, and operational solutions, like helping them take our recommendations and working with them hand in hand to implement changes. Because most of our clients are healthcare businesses, we’ve become adept at diagnosing their specific problems and implementing action plans to solve them.

Most of our people have an analytical background (finance, accounting, economics, engineering, etc.). Our clients value these skills as a way to help solve their problems. We tend to be curious. We want to know why something happened so we can accurately design a solution that will benefit our clients for years to come.

Our management team has been working together for over 15 years, first at a “Big Four” CPA firm and later at a publicly traded consultancy, but in 2009, we decided to branch out and start HealthScape Advisors. Our structure allows our people greater access to our Managing Directors, which is a great learning opportunity. Our leaders have always said they want to hand over the reins of this business to the next generation of consultants. Their hands-on involvement in the day-to-day project teams fosters this ideal. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve enjoyed double-digit percentage growth over the last several years!

We serve clients across the spectrum of the healthcare landscape, including commercial payers, ancillary carriers, government contractors, specialty health companies, law firms, private equity firms, and providers.

You can learn more about what we do, who we serve, what roles are available, and how we hire, by exploring our Career Site.