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Executive Briefing | April 27, 2023

Increasing Specialty Care Emphasis in Value-Based Care Strategies to Improve Future Outlooks for Health Plans

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Market strategies to drive transformation of healthcare delivery and payment towards value are at a cross-roads. In response, health plan VBC strategy success will depend on their ability to develop and deploy specialty VBC models. Industry advancements in value-based care…

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Executive Briefing | November 2, 2021

Value Transformation in Specialty Care


Section I: Introduction Over the past decade, the value movement in healthcare has grown and evolved. Driven by the development and adoption of primary care-led models (e.g., patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations or ACOs), payers have experienced a significant…

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Executive Briefing | August 4, 2020

HMOs: An Emerging Competitive Front in a Post-COVID World

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As the world collectively addresses the COVID-19 crisis, we believe it is important for healthcare leaders to understand and plan for longer-term changes to the industry. In this Executive Brief, we will discuss our perspectives on how the economic environment…

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Executive Briefing | September 12, 2017

Oscar Health & Cleveland Clinic Parter to Engage Consumers

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In this market update, HealthScape Advisors explores trends in carrier – provider partnerships and defines the “missing ingredient” in many such models: effective consumer engagement. As the centerpiece of this update, we examine the innovative elements of a collaborative partnership…

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